"Cathy Trentalancia led a powerful workshop for us. Her work around implicit bias and mindfulness was informative and thought-provoking. She created a safe and open environment for students and adults to discuss these important issues. She brings expertise, comfort, and generosity to her work. I can't wait to work with her again."

John Gentile
Implicit Bias & Mindfulness
Co-Director of the Office of Identity, Culture, and Institutional Equity
Horace Mann School

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“To get anything done in a school that truly impacts young people, you need your adults in the building (teachers, counselors and supervisors) to be on board with what you are doing and in a good mental frame of mind.  The adults need self-care and it is for that reason that I have employed Cathy Trentalancia and MindScience here at the HS of Fashion Industries to do this mindfulness work with them. They need to learn specific techniques to take care of themselves and to understand how the mind and body are connected to one another and how we’re all interconnected.  My staff has been thrilled with MindScience and are in a much better place because of these efforts. We have even started to do this mindfulness work with our students and it was a big hit. We are planning on expanding our mindfulness efforts with our students in the future with Cathy and everyone at MindScience.”

Daryl Blank
Professional Development
High School of Fashion Industries

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“As the Director of After School at a small charter school in Brooklyn, it has been my great privilege to work with Ms. Cathy Trentalancia, an outstanding educator and coordinator who helped bring a successful mindfulness and meditation class to our program.  Her openness, responsiveness and spirit of innovation were tremendously helpful as we introduced our students to an unfamiliar activity, while her outstanding professionalism and personal warmth helped ensure clear communication and excellent relations between the instructors and our school staff.  

In my preliminary conversations with Cathy, I was immediately impressed by her openness and collaborative spirit. When I cautiously suggested naming the class “Jedi Mind Training,” in order to make it more appealing to our student population, I was pleasantly surprised by her enthusiastic reaction.  After listening carefully to my concerns and ideas, Cathy began creating a framework for the class that would work for our school community. Working with the instructors, Cathy developed a “Jedi” curriculum, especially tailored to our students’ interests, where mindfulness and meditation exercises were placed in a fun, imaginative context.  The result was an outstanding after school enrichment class with robust participation and enthusiastic responses from students and families.

Cathy Trentalancia combines educational vision and inspiration with practicality and a can-do attitude. Her ability to truly listen and then execute an educational plan involving multiple stakeholders is quite impressive and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her. “ 

Richard Gilman
Jedi Mind Training K-5 and After School
Director of After School
Community Roots Charter School

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“Social emotional learning is paramount to a student's success. I teach high school in the Bronx, and teaching students how to observe and regulate their emotions is not widely prioritized in schools. My students were seeking ways to reduce anxiety, sleep better, and overall feel well. Cathy created that space for us and taught students the tools to explore their inner world, examine their emotions and communicate what it feels like to be mindful. For many of them, this was their first time trying mindfulness techniques and they were so surprised at how simple yet powerful it was. Students were remarking how they've never felt so calm or so aware of their inner landscape. Cathy leads with a warmth and tranquility that communicates hope and empowerment, all while effortlessly crafting a safe space. Coupled with the simplicity, this allowed students (some who are often closed off) to truly turn inwards, open up, and express themselves with depth.” 

Maria Tan
Middle & Upper School
High School Science Teacher & Mindful Educator
Kappa International High School