Every Morning...

Every morning I wake up, take a few deep breaths and let my mind softly land on three things I am grateful for. I have to admit that there has been a gratitude headliner every single morning these last few days.

The headliner is that I am so honored and so excited to be working with Ali Smith, Atman Smith and Andy Gonzalez of Holistic Life Foundation in bringing their revolutionary, life changing, sustainable workshops to the tri state area.  

High Five.jpg

These guys have been my inspiration for a very long time. They are changing lives one by one. Authentic, warm, creative, sincere, and incredibly fun, Ali, Atman and Andy are true stewards of our planet. In my opinion, Holistic Life Foundation is the model for communities and schools worldwide.. They have the heart and the bandwidth to implement the lasting systemic changes we so need for our young people.


The second moment of gratitude this morning went right to my sweet friend, Sharon Salzberg, who introduced me to these guys knowing that we were on the same page. Sharon is like that. She has an inner wisdom that is profoundly intuitive, non-judgmental and very, very patient. Sharon never ceases to amaze me with how clearly she sees people and situations. She just allows things to unfold. I am so profoundly grateful for our long friendship.


And the third recipient of my gratitude this morning is the advent of Spring.  I can see the first pale green buds on the trees across the street and smell the awakening in the air. My fellow New Yorkers are beginning to unravel from the hygge and open like petals in the warmth, defiantly sitting outside to eat even if it’s not quite time. There is nothing like the thawed out joy of intrepid New Yorkers when they witness a daffodil standing proudly in the sun. It’s another northeastern winter behind us. We made it again. A new beginning on so many levels.

So this is a good time for MindScience to say hello.

Cheers to beginning again…

and again …

and again.


“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

― Mary Oliver